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No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy

When a student fails to keep an appointment for a class or a client fails to keep an appointment for a session, the occurrence is professionally unacceptable. It is expensive in terms of lost time and an inconvenience to others. When a student or client cancels a class or session after 4:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the actual class or appointment, or on the morning of a scheduled class, or appointment, the same detrimental effects occur.

The following procedures deal with "no-shows" and "late cancellations":

NO-SHOW POLICY: The No-Show designation means that you did not appear for your scheduled class or appointment or cancel within the appropriate time. If you fail to appear or fail to cancel a class or an appointment within the specified time period, the following steps will be taken:

If you cancel a class or an appointment after 4:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the scheduled class or appointment, it is considered a late cancellation. You will be responsible for paying for the class or appointment at a rate of one-half the cost of the class or appointment.

Charlene St. Sauveur will review the circumstances by any student or client canceling. Upon review of the circumstances, Charlene St. Sauveur reserves the right to modify or dismiss the student or client.

Subsequent Offense - If Charlene St. Sauveur makes the decision to not see you, you will be barred from further privileges and she will be unable to see you for future classes or appointments unless payment in full is sent prior to the class or appointment.

This applies to everyone.   All cancellations will be filed accordingly.