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Videos That Have Touched My Life

'Try Reiki,' Dr. Oz tells millions on TV

From service dogs to surfice dog. Turning disappointment into a joyful direction.

Remembering Perseverance

Lighthouse Wisdom

Very Sweet & Inspiring

Music That Touches My Life

Snatam Kaur, David Newman, & Jai Uttal

Kathy Landry - Angel Guided Music

I Will Be Here

Inspirational Movies


The Secret Official Website

The Secret Full Movie

What If?

2010 Astrology Movie

Websites of Interest

New Study Scientifically Proves Psychic Ability

Hard scientific evidence of psychic phenomena

Science proves psychic abilities are real but are they worth the price? (1 / 3)

Do Psychic Phenomena Exist?

Psychic Ability Explained - Get A Better Understanding Of How It's Scientifically Possible To See Through Time And Space, Using Psychic Ability

Is it possible to be a good Christian and be psychic at the same time?

Former Catholic Nun Communicates With Deceased Loved Ones: Discovering The Extraordinary Mediumship Of Janet Nohavec

Astrological Research - Mercury Retrograde

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans

Symptoms To Spiritual Awakening

Exorcism Thriving in U.S., Say Experts

Energy Medicine, Auras, Consciousness, and the Paranormal Physicist Claude Swanson on C2C With George Noory

Thank you to all those that have shared these beautiful and insightful videos and musical pieces with me.